Green Environment

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Green Environment


A sustainable future demands energy efficient and smart utilization of energy resources to minimize its consumption with proper waste management and lays emphasis on its renewal within the geologic time spans.

Organizations nowadays are demanding up-to-date and affordable enterprise systems solutions to address the growing need for a safer environment and to be in compliance with corporate environmental initiatives.

These solutions must help organizations meet the increasing regulatory demands, and to address all crucial business issues along with other sustainability challenges which have financial implications linked to carbon and energy use. The need for clean water and air; affordable and reliable delivery of energy; the dwindling supply of fossil fuels; the harsh reality of climate change and its implications on the current & future generations are the fastest approaching threats which mankind has ever faced. Today's energy—and climate—related issues are the top priorities of the already affected global recession prone economy.

Our strategic approach for this industry is we are re-working to make our existing solutions and processes more efficient for both the environment and for business, while also developing new innovations that can help the world become smarter, drive economic and operational improvements, increase accountability and lessen environmental impact. Our smart Green solutions help customers reduce costs and systemically minimize energy, water, carbon emissions and waste.

We closely work with our customers to become more energy efficient, implement new ways to source, manufacture and distribute goods and services in a more sustainable manner, enable safe and renewable sources of energy and manage resources at a macro level, transforming entire industries.

VrikshMarri takes a holistic approach to our planet's challenges that combine our innovative technology, deep business insight, and industry expertise.

VrikshMarri helps organizations and government agencies understand how their environmental performance impacts their business, through our effective, Economical and Innovative Environmental solutions.

These solutions provide enterprise-wide access and availability in real-time to assist in measuring, managing and reporting environmental data and performance. Our global environmental consulting solutions pull all the threads of sustainability together and integrate them into a unified, sustainable complete solution.

Our solutions offer robust centralized database to handle different core environmental data, with built in validation and quality control processes that reduce the time, cost and risk, lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and deliver the benefits faster and more efficiently, where verifiable data collection and estimation methods are followed, and our solutions are fully automated and easily integrated to reduce the manual inefficiency.

Our Expertise

  • GIS, Geo-Spatial & Remote Sensing for Forestry
  • Forest conservation mapping
  • Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Smart Green Building Consulting
  • Energy Efficiently managed Green Data Center's - setup & maintenance
  • Utility Management System
  • Oil fields monitoring
  • Gas Pipeline Mapping analysis
  • Satellite detection and monitoring of Oil spills
  • Climate change prediction
  • Marine Geomatics

Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as

  • SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables collaborative network optimization across the extended supply chain, and helps companies to work closely with their partners, enhance responsiveness to customer demands and remain competitive."

What do we do?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies Implements software solutions either out-of-box or configuring, customizing to the needs of business. Having implemented them, VMSS also upgrades and Maintains them ensuring proper handholding, reliable support and 24x7 availiabilty of system.

Who is VrikshMarri?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is an IT/ITeS Company rendering Services in ERP, Geo- Spatial & E-Governance segments across Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Defense Logistics, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Education, Ports, Goverment Sectors.

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is backed by a dedicated team with sound Techno-Functional Skills, arising out of good number of years of domain expertise resulting in sound consulting and solution architecting skills.