Manufacturers across a wide range of industries face many common challenges in their efforts to meet rising quality standards. The growing mix of complex products, global expansion of operations, and outsourcing requires a new approach to quality management. Many organisations are deploying either industry standard quality management methodologies such as Six Sigma and ISO 9000, or implementing other quality practices to reduce costs, shorten cycle times and improve overall product and process quality. These standards bring the organisational focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and take a process-centric approach towards quality management and assurance. Many manufacturers have to comply with ISO 9000 or other quality mandates to continue to be a preferred supplier their customers. Leading manufacturers in food, apparel, sporting goods, agricultural products, chemicals and other industries are using Enterprise wide solutions to maintain high quality assurance standards of delivered goods, reduce costs associated with poor quality and drive improved operational performance. Enterprise-wide manufacturing solutions are the cornerstones of today's manufacturing companies across the Automobile, Aerospace, High-Tech and industrial domains among others.

The global manufacturing scenario is rapidly changing with company operations spanning continents. The need for an efficient supply-chain network is driving companies to adopt sophisticated manufacturing IT solutions.

Global competition is making the manufacturers maximise efficiency in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing is such an industry which creates simplified tools to simplify the life of common man, and hence ICT solutions should further simplify the manufacturing industry as a whole by increased delivery Network, providing access around the clock around the globe as well as connecting design centres, manufacturing sites, warehouses, global sales & operations, suppliers and more importantly the customers. Globalization is reshaping where and how major manufacturing companies make and sell their products. And now emerging technologies such as mobile communications, virtualisation, and cloud computing are helping manufacturers find new ways to run, grow, and transform their organisations.

A tightly integrated yet light-weighed IT solution, such as ERP led business transformations, Accelerated Innovations such as supply chain integrations, product life cycle management, mobility, cloud solutions, and digital marketing, maintains the flow of information that keeps shop floors running at full capacity to meet market demand.

VrikshMarri help manufacturers harness emerging technologies and new business processes to overcome their toughest competitive challenges, reach their organizational goals, and capitalize on market opportunities. We offer a deep reserve of domain knowledge to help manufacturers develop every link in their organization's value chain, from product development and procurement to logistics and after-sales support. We provide assistance to companies that manufacture raw materials, helping them increase their plant efficiencies, better coordinate their supply chains and more effectively manage the demands of global trade and environmental compliance.

Our Expertise

  • Manufak – On premises as well as Cloud based ERP
  • SAP manufacturing service offerings
  • Supply chain re-engineering
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Social & Virtual Enterprise Branding through web portals
  • Mobile Integration with Demand Analytics

Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as

  • SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables collaborative network optimization across the extended supply chain, and helps companies to work closely with their partners, enhance responsiveness to customer demands and remain competitive."

What do we do?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies Implements software solutions either out-of-box or configuring, customizing to the needs of business. Having implemented them, VMSS also upgrades and Maintains them ensuring proper handholding, reliable support and 24x7 availiabilty of system.

Who is VrikshMarri?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is an IT/ITeS Company rendering Services in ERP, Geo- Spatial & E-Governance segments across Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Defense Logistics, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Education, Ports, Goverment Sectors.

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is backed by a dedicated team with sound Techno-Functional Skills, arising out of good number of years of domain expertise resulting in sound consulting and solution architecting skills.