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Oil & Gas


The booming Oil and Gas (O&G) industry is a foundation for a wide broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. The ability to see clearly, think clearly and progress clearly is a crucial requirement for any O&G company.

O&G companies have very distinctive, complicated procedures and varied requirements. The O&G industry is responsible for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. Yet back-office processes typically operate on more mature systems.

The current global O&G markets are standing at crossroads. The big themes that dominated the opening years of the century are giving way to a different set of concerns centered on inequality, affordability, regulation and techniques for extracting oil and gas from tight rock formations and ever-deeper below the surface areas.

A snapshot of different challenges the industry is poised at are

  • Highly volatile price of crude and low retail margins make investing large capital exceedingly risky
  • Vastly different qualities of crude and long supply chains make scheduling of refinery an extremely complicated operation.
  • Complex trading and stringent regulatory guidelines add another dimension to the complexity.

VrikshMarri combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven O&G solutions and expertise to help organizations create cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. We have hands on SAP Oil & Gas implementation experience working on big bang SAP implementation projects to large scale upgrades & enhancements for large middle-East and south East Asian oil production companies.

Through our rich industry and technology expertise we provide proven integrated supply chain solutions for the O&G industry integrating all business stages such as exploration, production, Quality testing, packaging, transportation, refining, distribution, sales and marketing, that is both downstream and upstream processes.

Our Expertise

  • SAP IS Oil & Gas - Upstream & Downstream service offerings
  • Portals and content management solutions
  • Analytics
  • RFID Asset Tracking and integration with SAP.

Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as

  • SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

For a full fledged service offering on Oil & Gas please write back to us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables collaborative network optimization across the extended supply chain, and helps companies to work closely with their partners, enhance responsiveness to customer demands and remain competitive."

What do we do?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies Implements software solutions either out-of-box or configuring, customizing to the needs of business. Having implemented them, VMSS also upgrades and Maintains them ensuring proper handholding, reliable support and 24x7 availiabilty of system.

Who is VrikshMarri?

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is an IT/ITeS Company rendering Services in ERP, Geo- Spatial & E-Governance segments across Manufacturing, Retail, Media, Defense Logistics, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Education, Ports, Goverment Sectors.

VrikshMarri Softsat Technologies is backed by a dedicated team with sound Techno-Functional Skills, arising out of good number of years of domain expertise resulting in sound consulting and solution architecting skills.