Digital Photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetry


Photogrammetry is the practice of determining the geometric properties of objects from photographic images. Photogrammetry uses methods from many disciplines including optics and projective geometry. Photogrammetric data with dense range data from scanners complement each other. Photogrammetry is used in different fields such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, geology as well as by archaeologists to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites and by meteorologists as a way to determine the actual wind speed of a tornado where objective weather data cannot be obtained. It is also used to combine live action with computer-generated imagery in movie post-production;

The "Matrix" is a good example of the use of photogrammetry in film

VrikshMarri's Geomatics provides complete solutions for all standard tasks in digital photogrammetry services such as

  • Total Project mission planning
  • Field GCP Survey
  • Photogrammetric Scanning
  • Preparation of map
  • Geo-referencing
  • Mosaicing
  • Aerotraingulation
  • Digital Surface Model Compilation
  • DEM/DTM Compilation
  • Digital Orthophotos
  • Complete project development services

Our expertise in remote sensing branches out to meet classification, image correction, image enhancement, image processing and change detection services. VrikshMarri's Aerial Photogrammetric services serve as an excellent tool in GIS projects to correct any topographic and radial distortions in the earth's environment.

Such photographs for instance, serve its purpose in thermal remote sensing for earthquake research. Using the aerial photographs provided, we generate the best GIS layers, as raster or vector, to serve your requirements. Our well-knit solutions for photogrammetry and remote sensing services give you, data accuracy and performance throughout the project life cycle.

Our task is to understand the customer's needs and processes and implement innovative technologies smoothly. To do that, we offer extensive services to help customers analyze their business processes and integrate our products and services in the most productive way. We have state-of-the art facilities in India for offering services that covers a wide range of photogrammetric service requirements.

Our services are intended to meet the diverse needs of our clientele quickly and efficiently and our project methodologies are based on the unique set of customer requirements and challenges. Now most of the organizations round the world are outsourcing photogrammetry and remote sensing services to India. We offer services that cover complete offshoring photogrammetric requirements outsourced to us.

Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as

  • SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

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Who is VrikshMarri?

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