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Retail and Distribution functionalities form the mainstay of many business organizations.


The business processes are converted to core modules such as warehouse management, supply chain management, Suppliers relationship management, finance management, operations management, sales quotation, procurement management, order management, deliveries receipt, sale analysis, and documentation. With the dawn of modernization in the Web space, Retail industry today has an advantage to tap in on the lost opportunities in sales and connect efficiently with both manufacturers and retailers. At the moment, the focus is more on marketing and merchandising with the help of technology to have strong business-to-business (B2B) integration systems. Most retailers have recognized the importance of B2B markets and are ready to utilize software solutions to maintain and improve their relation with suppliers and customers. Our solutions are designed to tighten the reins in all aspects of the supply chain to create an efficient workflow for the organization and in the process create happy clients.

Our Competency

VrikshMarri’s solutions facilitate adaptation of best business practices as well as inculcating newer technologies accepted by the industry. It enables the back-office to work more effectively, helps improve customer service, empowers the sales team to keep an eye on the latest trends, and manage order profitability.

Our solution leverages a distinct combination of expertise, technology and knowledge services that delivers all the benefits of integrated business application and decision making-tools, enabling the organization to focus on its core competencies, gain efficiency and reduce cost. It also offers an unprecedented range of monitoring, trending, forecasting, reporting, and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow everyone to make better business decisions every day, and drive business performance goals.

Our Expertise

  1. RFID & GPS installation and integration with ERP
  2. E-Commerce & Web Portal Applications with Mobile & Analytics Integration
  3. Workflow Optimization
  4. Supply chain re-engineering
  5. Retail Training
  6. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft

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Global competition is making the manufacturers maximise efficiency in the manufacturing process. Manufacturing is such an industry which creates simplified tools to simplify the life of common man, and hence ICT solutions should further simplify the manufacturing industry as a whole by increased delivery Network, providing access around the clock around the globe as well as connecting design centres, manufacturing sites, warehouses, global sales & operations, suppliers and more importantly the customers. Globalization is reshaping where and how major manufacturing companies make and sell their products. And now emerging technologies such as mobile communications, virtualisation, and cloud computing are helping manufacturers find new ways to run, grow, and transform their organisations.

A tightly integrated yet light-weighed IT solution, such as ERP led business transformations, Accelerated Innovations such as supply chain integrations, product life cycle management, mobility, cloud solutions, and digital marketing, maintains the flow of information that keeps shop floors running at full capacity to meet market demand.

VrikshMarri help manufacturers harness emerging technologies and new business processes to overcome their toughest competitive challenges, reach their organizational goals, and capitalize on market opportunities. We offer a deep reserve of domain knowledge to help manufacturers develop every link in their organization's value chain, from product development and procurement to logistics and after-sales support. We provide assistance to companies that manufacture raw materials, helping them increase their plant efficiencies, better coordinate their supply chains and more effectively manage the demands of global trade and environmental compliance.

Our Expertise

  1. Supply chain re-engineering
  2. Workflow Optimization
  3. Social & Virtual Enterprise Branding through web portals
  4. Mobile Integration with Demand Analytics
  5. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics

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Governments are in the midst of a radical transformation in the way their business gets done. For one thing, governments are realizing the need to increase the productivity of their public services and introduce more "citizen-focused" solutions. Data lies at the heart of both operations and policy making.


e- Governance presents a Government with the opportunity to re-think how it delivers services while emphasizing on the use of information technology in service delivery. The implementation of e-Governance requires strategy benchmarked on global best practices and strong leadership and vision.

For e-Governance to become a reality, Regulatory Frameworks for Administrative Reforms needs to be developed in consultation with stakeholders. These frameworks should articulate the vision, targets and milestones, and standards for e-Governance. Such frameworks must address information privacy, security, maintenance, and interface standards.

Government agencies have a mission to implement cost-effective yet comprehensive IT infrastructure. But unlike their private sector counterparts, government entities face the unique challenges of public oversight, budget appropriation and national security. ICT is the ultimate tool to re-engineer government processes, transform governance to a citizen centric service provider where the citizens and government maximise their benefits. ICT simplifies the government processes altogether, change the concept of governance and thereby transform the relationship between government and citizens from better relations to increased visibility.

We at VrikshMarri, design-develop applications & integrate systems that help our customers who are Central & State Governments, Ministries, Nodal Agencies, various departments of the perspective ministries where such integrations serve their internal automation needs, provide a common medium between them and all their allied and nodal agencies spread over the country, provide platform for the public interfaces, provide a public friendly interface without compromising the procedures, policies, security aspects of the Government & related Agencies.

We do engage in consulting engagements such as defining Vision & Objectives, Identification & Analysis of potential Processes, Documentation & data consolidation, Integration and Automation of the processes, Work flow improvements.

Our Expertise

  1. Web Based Service, information, and Public Interaction Portals
  2. E-Commerce services
  3. Imaging, document management, and workflow
  4. Data conversion, data migration, and data warehousing
  5. Application development, maintenance, and support
  6. Land Record Management & Digitization
  7. IT infrastructure management and operations
  8. IT staff augmentation
  9. Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  10. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics

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As economies develop and gain much-needed experience & expertise in managing global sourcing arrangements, quality of IT solutions & services mature at a rapid pace as well. In a bid to match the growing needs, service providers are noticing that: Consulting & outsourcing are emerging as powerful business tools that lend versatility, flexibility and cost savings


Financial savings, technical abilities, quick deployment and market agility are becoming essential, driving governments, institutions and organizations towards client-vendor partnerships while concentrating in-house resources on core business activities. Successfully adapting to such changing trends and challenges, VrikshMarri is counted amongst the leading global Information Technology Services providers, based out of India. VrikshMarri has participated in the globally evolving IT industry, while remaining focused on continuous innovation, benchmarking & learning.

Supported by our proven transition and implementation methodologies, based on experience and best practices, VrikshMarri increases predictability of the results delivered, thereby reducing business risks associated with the transfer of responsibility.

Health Care

We believe that effective healthcare management requires facilitation, collaboration and the use of new tools and communication channels to create a consumer-centric environment conducive to care management.


Our solutions are focused on improving the quality of care while helping to curb rising healthcare costs. This is accomplished by providing better patient reach out & engagement, adoption of evidence based practice management and care co-ordination, collaboration through appropriate use of information technology across the care continuum.

We provide services and regulatory compliant solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Our teams of clinical, business and technology subject matter experts provide end to end services in areas such as consulting, electronic medical records, practice management, telemedicine, package implementation, systems integration, application development and maintenance, testing services, business process outsourcing and infrastructure support services.

We have translated all our experience into service offerings that provide immense value to our clients.

Some of these offerings are deliberately broad in nature and some of them are focused on solving specific challenges faced by our clients.

Our Healthcare service offerings

  1. Increase operational efficiency by facilitating seamless flow of information across application and process boundaries.
  2. Make information available in real time wherever it is needed and in a convenient format.
  3. Provide decision-making ability to all stakeholders based on precise information and analytics.
  4. Build a collaborative network encompassing internal and external stakeholders

Our Expertise

  1. HIMS – Healthcare Information Management Systems
  2. RFID installation and integration with SAP
  3. Healthcare Analytics
  4. Hospital Operations Management & Quality consulting
  5. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

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Green Environment

A sustainable future demands energy efficient and smart utilization of energy resources to minimize its consumption with proper waste management and lays emphasis on its renewal within the geologic time spans.


Organizations nowadays are demanding up-to-date and affordable enterprise systems solutions to address the growing need for a safer environment and to be in compliance with corporate environmental initiatives.

These solutions must help organizations meet the increasing regulatory demands, and to address all crucial business issues along with other sustainability challenges which have financial implications linked to carbon and energy use. The need for clean water and air; affordable and reliable delivery of energy; the dwindling supply of fossil fuels; the harsh reality of climate change and its implications on the current & future generations are the fastest approaching threats which mankind has ever faced. Today's energy—and climate—related issues are the top priorities of the already affected global recession prone economy.

Our strategic approach for this industry is we are re-working to make our existing solutions and processes more efficient for both the environment and for business, while also developing new innovations that can help the world become smarter, drive economic and operational improvements, increase accountability and lessen environmental impact. Our smart Green solutions help customers reduce costs and systemically minimize energy, water, carbon emissions and waste.

We closely work with our customers to become more energy efficient, implement new ways to source, manufacture and distribute goods and services in a more sustainable manner, enable safe and renewable sources of energy and manage resources at a macro level, transforming entire industries.

VrikshMarri takes a holistic approach to our planet's challenges that combine our innovative technology, deep business insight, and industry expertise.

VrikshMarri helps organizations and government agencies understand how their environmental performance impacts their business, through our effective, Economical and Innovative Environmental solutions.

These solutions provide enterprise-wide access and availability in real-time to assist in measuring, managing and reporting environmental data and performance. Our global environmental consulting solutions pull all the threads of sustainability together and integrate them into a unified, sustainable complete solution.

Our solutions offer robust centralized database to handle different core environmental data, with built in validation and quality control processes that reduce the time, cost and risk, lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and deliver the benefits faster and more efficiently, where verifiable data collection and estimation methods are followed, and our solutions are fully automated and easily integrated to reduce the manual inefficiency.

Our Expertise

  1. GIS, Geo-Spatial & Remote Sensing for Forestry
  2. Forest conservation mapping
  3. Maritime Spatial Planning
  4. Smart Green Building Consulting
  5. Energy Efficiently managed Green Data Center's - setup & maintenance
  6. Utility Management System
  7. Oil fields monitoring
  8. Gas Pipeline Mapping analysis
  9. Satellite detection and monitoring of Oil spills
  10. Climate change prediction
  11. Marine Geomatics
  12. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com

Transport & Logistics

Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements of customers or corporations. The four core elements of Logistics are planning, moving, storing and reporting.


Information forms an integral part of Logistics management. The transit information regarding materials or inventory has equal value as the physical goods. Thus timely and reliable information is required for performing effective, efficient and economical freight movement. In all, an integrated information system to surpass competition is a must have for a freight logistics enterprise.

VrikshMarri has extensive expertise across 5 functional business areas of Transportation & Logistics Industry including contract logistics, freight forwarding, freight management, customs brokerage, trucking and fleet operators.

VrikshMarri renders its services on SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics integrating or migrating legacy applications, developing powerful Analytics and Mobile Apps.

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Education has become highly competitive in the present day and institutions have also become highly student oriented. To be well equipped and stand out among the run-of-the-mill, these educational institutions need a core resource planning that can manage their entire information and operations. By automating the institution’s business processes and centralising the data, transparency & flexibility can be increased.


To be at par globally, institutions are taking education to a whole new level by making use of the latest technology services to suitably equip students and at the same time offering the parents/guardians frequent updates about their wards’ performance and related information. Educational institutions are becoming increasingly complex and are not limited to delivering education alone.

They deal with a multitude of activities like admissions, library management, hostel management, placements, finance management and many other internal and external processes.

Educational institutions with a specialized administration ERP solution have better management and decision making capabilities. We offer On-premises as well as Cloud based ERP solution which streamlines your Institution’s processes right from admissions management to placement cell management. VrikshMarri's comprehensive and extremely user friendly ERP solution has a highly scalable architecture; enabling customization according to your Institution’s unique requirements.

Our Competency

VrikshMarri has consistently worked towards enabling institutions to reduce their administrative time and costs by streamlining the processes, in order to focus more on their core teaching and research activities. Educational institutions’ core challenge is centralizing, tracking and managing the various operations and information in a coherent manner to provide result oriented education. Optimization and resource utilization are the key aspects to achieve the best result from the existing infrastructure.

The key modules of our ERP Solution are:

  1. Govt Compliance Management
  2. Pre-Admission Management System
  3. Finance Management
  4. Student MIS
  5. Vehicle Tracking System with GPS
  6. On-premise security Management systems
  7. Staff Management
  8. Attendance & Leave Management Systems
  9. Time Table
  10. Report Card Analysis
  11. Attendance Tracking & Management
  12. Fee collector engine
  13. Learning Management Solution
  14. Library Management System
  15. Resources & Homework/project work distribution
  16. Multi Threaded Communication
  17. Notice Board
  18. Parent – Teacher Social Engagements
  19. Exam Management
  20. Results
  21. Result & Career Analysis
  22. Alumni networks

Our Expertise

  1. ERP & IMS Duet – Cloud & On-Premises
  2. SAP LMS & Campus Management System
  3. RFID & GPS installation and integration with ERP
  4. BPR – Operations & Quality consulting
  5. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud
  6. For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com


Deploying the right resources to the right places at the right time, fully supported and sustained is a highly complex operation. Miscalculations have severe consequences on force capability. There is a need to plan all support operations from long term force planning through deployment to mission execution to ensure supplies and equipment are available for active units. Efficient logistics is a key force multiplier in the military equation.


Typically, commercial software does not fit military applications without making compromises. The business drivers are focused more on operational cost savings and less on speed of response and economy of force. The alternative to developing custom software carries the overhead of extended timeframes and cost with no long term support roadmap, and can be difficult to adjust when the procedural or operational landscapes change. Additionally, creating an optimized plan that schedules vehicle movements at the same time each day is also not acceptable in hostile environments.

We solve every single planning and scheduling problem using a single standard, commercially-off-the-shelf software package. Exact business logic and rules are defined in the system to ensure a 100% operational fit. No compromise.

VrikshMarri takes into account all the elements of the plan in a single environment. Multiple planning levels are supported as well as multi-resource planning.

Areas of defense operations planning include:

  1. Deployment planningDeployment planning
  2. Movement planning
  3. Re-supply planning
  4. Flight & crew planning

Our Spatial Technology Offerings in Defense industry includes

  1. Intelligence, surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  2. Command & Control (C2) for Battle space Management
  3. Situation Awareness and Common Operational Pictures (COPs)
  4. Imagery Data Management
  5. Mission Planning and Analytic Tools for Decision Support
  6. Installations and Environment (I&E) Management Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as
  7. For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com


Information and communication have always mattered in agriculture. Ever since people have grown crops, raised livestock, and caught fish, they have sought information from one another. The questions arise frequently like

  1. What is the most effective planting strategy on steep slopes?
  2. Where can I buy the improved seed or feed this year?
  3. How can I acquire a land title?
  4. Who is paying the highest price at the market?
  5. How can I participate in the government’s credit program?

Producers rarely find it easy to obtain answers to such questions, even if similar ones arise season after season. Farmers in a village may have planted the “same” crop for centuries, but over time, weather patterns and soil conditions change and epidemics of pests and diseases come and go. Updated information allows the farmers to cope with and even benefit from these changes. Providing such knowledge can be challenging, however, because the highly localized nature of agriculture means that information must be tailored specifically to distinct conditions.

The benefits of the green revolution greatly improved agricultural productivity. However, there is a demonstrable need for a new revolution that will bring lower prices for consumers (through reduced waste and more-efficient supply chain management), contribute to “smart” agriculture, and incentivize farmers (for example, through higher income) to increase their production.

ICT is one of these solutions, and has recently unleashed incredible potential to improve agriculture in developing countries specifically. With the booming mobile, wireless, and Internet industries, ICT has found a foothold even in poor smallholder farms and in their activities. The ability of ICTs to bring refreshed momentum to agriculture appears even more compelling in light of rising investments in agricultural research, the private sector’s strong interest in the development and spread of ICTs, and the upsurge of organizations committed to the agricultural development agenda. ICT is an umbrella term that includes anything ranging from radio to satellite imagery to Supply chain management integration to contract farming management to mobile phones to electronic money transfers.

We can contribute ICT solutions in ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), Geo-Spatial Technologies, Analytics, Web Portals, RFID & GPS Tracking, Supply Chain Optimization & Mobile Integrations.

For a full fledged service offering on Agriculture please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com


Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth from an ore body, lode, vein, seam or reef which forms the mineralized package of economic interest to the miner.


Ores recovered by mining include metals, coal and oil shale, gemstones, limestone, and dimension stone, rock salt and potash, gravel, and clay. Mining is required to obtain any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes, or created artificially in a laboratory or factory. Mining in a wider sense includes extraction of any non-renewable resource such as petroleum, natural gas, or even water.

Mining of stone and metal has been done since pre-historic times. Modern mining processes involve prospecting for ore bodies, analysis of the profit potential of a proposed mine, extraction of the desired materials, and final reclamation of the land after the mine is closed.

Mining operations can be grouped into five major categories in terms of their respective resources. These are oil and gas extraction, coal mining, metal ore mining, nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying, and support activities for mining.

VrikshMarri’s solutions for the mining industry helps customer's address challenges like achieving innovation, operational excellence, improved financial management, by aligning their business with proven IT knowledge.

These solutions are built on SAP, Oracle and GIS Platforms integrating processes, legacy applications, GIS and systems for real time data and Analytics.

The results: agility, efficiency and optimized operational processes.

For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com


Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth from an ore body, lode, vein, seam or reef which forms the mineralized package of economic interest to the miner.


Rapidly evolving Technology platforms, emerging business trends have led to the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry being continually overhauled to step up to the expectations of their highly aware consumers and upcoming competition from varied sectors. M&E corporations are facing deep-rooted changes that are reshaping the industry. The rapid evolution of technology, the shift of power to the consumer, data democratization, the emergence of new content formats, and a plethora of emerging devices are forcing companies to embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms just to stay in the race.

An exponential growth of online media users is challenging the established business models for media and information services companies and creating new revenue opportunities

With a constantly refreshing queue of infotainment channels fulfilling diverse preferences of the market and customer the need for strategically advanced technological solutions to cross-leverage assets, improvise business process and enhance the visibility of revenue streams is high.

Helping the M&E Companies transition smoothly to the e-Age, develop deeper customer insight, optimize operations and revitalize core functionality to fuel innovation is exactly where VrikshMarri steps in.

VrikshMarri’s comprehensive suite of solutions in the vital areas of broadcasting, online gaming, online voting, publishing and content processing are customizable to meet our customers’ business requirements. Our customers benefit from our cutting-edge services to go beyond the challenges of artistic excellence in a shorter time to market. Our customers leverage their business with our content management and distribution solutions, and media delivery infrastructure comprising of media apps and managed services expertise.

Our Expertise

  1. Content Management System
  2. CRM and personalization
  3. Online Gaming & Voting
  4. Viewer & Revenue Analytics
  5. Mobility
  6. Digital supply chain re-engineering
  7. SAP IS-Media service offerings Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as
  8. SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

For a full fledged service offering on Green Environment please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com

Construction & Real Estate


Our Expertise

  1. Implementing ERP – SAP, Oracle
  2. GeoSpatial Technologies to understand the landforms and suitability
  3. RFID installation and integration with ERP
  4. Facility Lifecycle Information Management
  5. Asset Management Solutions
  6. Collaboration and Document Management>
  7. Mobile Integration with Business Intelligence in Web Portals
  8. Project Management Solutions
  9. For a full fledged service offering on Construction and Real Estate please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com

Travel & Tourism

The Travel & Tourism industry has taken giant strides in growth and complexity in the course of time. Leisure establishments are required to provide multifaceted services to meet their customers’ ever growing expectations. Correspondingly, this task has become more complex and needs to be performed accurately and promptly while maintaining a low cost.


The burgeoning hospitality and club management industry entails the need for innovative and integrated solution to automate all the mission-critical operations. It is necessary for seamlessly integrating various arms of the hospitality like Reservation, Front desk, Housekeeping, Spa, Clubs, Restaurants, and other Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals across multiple geographical points on a unified platform making it accessible from anywhere in the world. To prove their mettle and provide services beyond their customers’ expectations is the hospitality organizations’ main objective. Specifically designed IT solutions help these organizations fine-tune their operations and offer their customers a world class experience.

In today's competitive scenario our customers face challenges such as

  1. Expanding globally while managing costs, optimizing and standardizing processes
  2. Creating an agile IT architecture capable of seamlessly integrating merged or acquired entities
  3. Increasingly complex customer acquisition and interaction lifecycle
  4. Improved speed-to-market and management of an ever-increasing portfolio of products and services
  5. Leveraging technology to innovate business models and improving competitiveness
  6. Making IT an active enabler of green initiatives
  7. We help travel & tourism customers better align their IT strategy and initiatives to their business goals. We take the responsibility of implementing these strategies, delivering a level of certainty of results

We ensure

  1. Reduction in IT operation expenses by up to 35%
  2. Improved ROI on IT capital expenses
  3. Ability to integrate IT, BPO and infrastructure services to create truly innovative solutions
  4. We provide easy to adapt, simple to manage solutions that is packed with all necessities for the Travel & Hospitality Management industry so that our customers hospitality business runs effortlessly.
  5. We Travel Solution offer a full-service play and end-to-end management including consultancy, project management, application development, application support, infrastructure service management and business process management. We facilitate Travel Reservation Services for e-commerce and traditional channels for business and leisure travel. We help customers create dynamic packages integrating both air and non-air products. Our integrated Travel Agent Desktop Application offering provides proactive customer information to decrease agent response time and help up-sell. The system has Foreign Exchange, Leisure Travel, Travel Management, Call Centre modules that help travel agencies automate their operations.
  6. Our Hospitality Solution is designed keeping in mind the numerous hospitality segments like Spa, Clubs, Restaurants that it has to cater to. It has a wide assortment of features and functionalities to meet every requirement of this industry where constant upgrading is needed to stand out among the crowd. Our sophisticated Solutions offer hospitality industry an opportunity to manage their business effectively and accurately in turn strengthening their customer database which helps them garner rave reviews in their field of work.

Our Expertise.

  1. Web Based Service, information, and reservation Portals
  2. E-Commerce Implementation
  3. SAP Travel sector service offerings
  4. Workforce Management Solution
  5. RFID & Mobility Solutions for Enhanced guest experience
  6. Mobility Solutions for enhanced guest experience
  7. Customer Interaction Management
  8. Loyalty Bonus Program Administration
  9. Vrikshmarri Integrates businesses implementing the standard applications such as
  10. SAP | Oracle EBS | Microsoft Dynamics | ERP on Cloud

For a full fledged service offering on Travel & Tourism please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com

Oil & Gas


VrikshMarri combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven O&G solutions and expertise to help organizations create cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. We have hands on SAP/Oracle Oil & Gas implementation experience working on enhancements for large oil producing companies.

We maintain and support ERP (SAP, Oracle), Geo-Spatial Technologies, Analytics, Web Portals, RFID & GPS Tracking, Supply Chain Optimization & Mobile Integrations.

For a full fledged service offering on Travel & Tourism please write back to us at enquiries@vrikshmarri.com