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Referral Strategy

Referral Strategy

Want to know how to become a Partner with VrikshMarri? Please read on…

At VrikshMarri, we believe that we are social animals and assist each other to grow. We grow only when everyone around us grow – be it Customers, Employees, Vendors and Business Partners.

With this philosophy we invite all to be part of our Partnership Program become a Business Partner where each such Partner could discuss their opportunities with Potential Prospects or innovative ideas with us. VrikshMarri will work along with these Partners on their opportunities or ideas and help their Prospects get the best of Technology synergized by our always improving Services.

By doing this VrikshMarri provides platform to the member Partners to be part of the growth process where they grow, Prospect grows and VM grows.

Each member in this program is important and every introduction or lead is important to VrikshMarri. As a result the program network is personally handled by the CEO.

In short, come one and come all, lets join hands and nurture our connects and contacts and be part of the automation process in the end enabling Business Transformation using Technology and Add Value! Please write directly to ceo@vrikshmarri.com about the opportunities you think you have and we shall assist you in the conversion process.

A. Anyone who thinks has an opportunity on hand can write.
A. Meeting with the CEO will be arranged and you could discuss the opportunity. Post that an agreement will be signed between you and VrikshMarri marking the beginning of relationship. Relevant Team will then be assigned to you who will apply appropriate technology nurturing it with relevant service. This will be presented to the Prospect for a sign-off. Once signed off, you start becoming part of the growth process. And your growth is continuous.